Southwest Working Dog Association

SWDA was founded in 2001 as a full member club of the United Schutzhund Clubs of America (USCA, We are a schutzhund (working dog sport - IPO) training club that follows the by-laws and mission of the USCA.

Our membership consists of people of various levels of dog experience, from the newcomer to the seasoned handler/trainer/competitor, all with different aspirations and goals for themselves and their dogs.

We train together to test our dogs, to share stories, to relive memories, to catch up with old friends and begin new friendships with people we are meeting for the first time. 


Commitment, dedication, determination, a love of this spectacular sport, a love and allegiance to the preservation of the working breed we choose to train and share our lives with—this is what clearly sets us apart from many dog fanciers. It’s not a secret that Schutzhund is NOT for the faint of heart!


This sport belongs to those who are willing to work tirelessly and earnestly, with long hours, through frigid cold and sweltering heat. This sport belongs to those who believe in striving to be BETTER! This sport belongs to those who are willing to invest as much effort in those who train WITH them as they would for themselves. This sport supports a family—a family named SCHUTZHUND.

SWDA has successfully helped our membership with their puppies, trained and untrained young and adult dogs to earn more than 250 working titles (SchH -IPO 1-3, FH, BH, etc) as well as qualifying teams to compete at regional, national and international levels. But most importantly SWDA has helped to improve the dog - handler relationship and enjoyment of owning a working breed dog for many owners and families.

SWDA hosts Working Dog trials and Training / teaching seminars and we welcome visitors / spectators to our training sessions and events.


Southwest Working Dog Association (SWDA) is dedicated to training and competing in working dog sport (Schutzhund/IPO)

Our training philosophy consists of providing humane, positive quality training to the dog and handler while ensuring that the dogs mental and physical well being always take precedence.

We strive to make a better more positive team/dog handler experience both on the trial field and in everyday ownership.