Max von Stephanitz (Born: December 30, 1864

Died: April 22, 1936) the founder of the German Shepherd Dog




  • Utility is the true criterion of beauty.
  • The most striking features of the correctly bred German Shepherds are firmness of nerves, attentiveness, unshockability, tractability, watchfulness, reliability and incorruptibility together with courage, fighting tenacity and hardness.
  • The breeding of shepherd dogs is the breeding of working dogs; and this must always be the aim, or we shall cease to produce shepherd dogs.
  • The good Shepherd dog knows his master almost better than himself and must wonder indeed at the lack of the reverse.
  • The breeder can indeed lay the foundations of a good and serviceable dog but the trainer must see to it that he brings to their highest possible development, the physical and mental foundations already laid and thus his is the more grateful task.
  • Whoever can find the answer to this question: "How can I say this to my dog" has already won the game.

Günther Diegel (Active in Dog sports since 1964, member of the German SV since 1966 - SV judge since. SV - WUSV – Head Judge from 2009 to 2014 - National WUSV Judge)


  • When this dog finds himself under stress, as all dogs do at times, he reaches back to his ancestry to get help or relief from the stress. But, as you can see when THIS dog reaches back for help from his ancestors…. there is nobody there
  • The reminder here is that the origin of Schutzhund and the rules under which we “compete” were developed to “test” the dogs temperament (courage and hardness not play-prey or ball drive)for breed suitability –not for sport. We canot lose sight of the fact that “Schutzhund” is a BREED SUITABILITY  TEST or we do a dis-service to the GSD. Conscientious breeders should train and test their blood lines… not simply be in the puppy business.