Training Rules and Guidelines

1. All dogs must be current with all required vaccinations

2. All dogs must be in good health and well cared for.

3. All dogs must be crated when not in training unless approved by the Training director

4. No more than 1 dog in motion on the field unless approved by the Training Director

5. Dogs will be worked in an order established by the Training Director

6. Dogs must be actively working / training in tracking and obedience to be trained in protection

7. All members are responsible to help maintain the club grounds and club house

8. Members are expected to help and support each other 

9. members should expect to be on time at the start of training and stay until the end to support all members

10. Owners / handlers are responsible for their dogs actions at all times and must have a current signed liability waiver on file as well as a liability insurance policy to cover any incident caused by the digs.

11. At any time the training Director may stop training for a dog to determine the safety or health of the animal

12. Visitors will be placed on the end of the training list until after members have training unless arrangements have been made with the Training director