SWDA Photo Page
Uwe tracking "Hansel"
Molly's "Felon" on Send Out
Al and "King" SW Regionals "Blind Search"
Roanna with her "Award"!
SWDA Treasurer Jeri and her family
Al and "King" SW Regional Championship doing the "Search for the Helper"
2007 Regional Champion
"Jim" with nathaniel 
SWDA Secretary Esther with her APR 1 for "Quito"
Esthers' "Quito" Long Bite
SWDA Trial protection
Jeri with "Henry" SchH 3 free heeling at the club
Drive building on the pole
Jeri and "Henry" SW Regional Championship OB critique
Jack & Max SW Regional Sieger
SWDA member Jack with "Max" HOT SchH 3, Regional Sieger and first dog!!
Al with USCA/SV Judge Ann Marie Chaffin
SWDA Member Paula and "Angel" SchH3 at the 2007 Regional Championship
Molly and  Jager
Jeri and "Mona" heeling for the BH
Jack taking the awards
Molly and    critique at tracking
SWDA Trial "Protection with Natalie and her first dog HOT SchH 3 "Miles"
2016 USCA National Championship - Molly reporting out of protection with "Jager" and USCA Helper Weston Kester
Molly and "Jager" side transport 2016 USCA National Championship
Jack and Al training protection
Jack and "Max"
SWDA Trial Helper Al with Nathaniel and "Gizmo"
Jeri and "Henry"
Nathaniel and "Gizmo"
Molly and "Jager" free heeling SWDA trial
Nathaniel and "Jim" SW Regional Championship" last regional for Jim, 4th place at 8+ years old
Nathaniel and "Spike" 2005 National Championship
Nathaniel and "Spike" 2005 National Championship
2005 National Championship
Nathaniel and "Spike" 2005 National Championship
Nathaniel and "Spike" 2005 National Championship
SWDA Club President Molly and "Jager"  "Free Heeling in OB at the 2016 USCA national Championships in Merced Ca.
Molly and "Jager" with USCA National Helper Weston Kester protection completed 2016 USCA National Championship
Uwe "free heeling" with "Hansel"
Molly and "Jager" 2016 USCA National Championship
Al at the SW Regional Championship with "King" Flat retrieve
Dean and "Zac" blind search
Nathaniel and "Gizmo" free heeling at SWDA Trial
Esther and "Quito" training for IPO1
2 pictures above of SWDA Member Jack working as our Trial helper at one of our Club Trials
SWDA Club Secretary Esther working her GSD "Quito" (3 pictures above)
Jack doing search for the helper with "Max" SchH3
2014 WUSV World Championship  USCA Team member Wallace Payne and Nathaniel . USCA took 2nd Place Team!
2014 WUSV World Championship ,France
Nathaniel at the WUSV World Championship
Nathaniel judging at the 2014 WUSV World Championship
Protection helpers and Judge for the 2014 WUSV World Championship, France
Nathaniel ("C" Judge) next to head WUSV Judge Gunter Diegal at the 2014WUSV World Championship Closing Cermonies
Paula with Angel
Susan and "Danzig"
 USCA Magazine
2002 Universal Sieger  Xaran von der Hildewarde
Nathaniel dog "Spike" Hold and Bark 
Nathaniel and "Jim" at the 2005 Nationals in Texas