SWDA Training Information

SWDA trains year round , rain or shine unless we are attending another event or club. Training days are scheduled in advance, additional training days may be scheduled based on club members needs and up coming events.

Weekend training (Saturday and/or Sunday)  consists of training all three phases of working dog sport - tracking - obedience - protection. Club members meet to track at various locations in the Palmdale and Lancaster area and then move to the club training field for obedience training followed by protection training. 

Club members are required to train all three phases of the sport.

We strive to train every dog and handler based on their needs, abilities and goals. From pets to national level competition dogs and handlers. We will work to make the best out of the "team"!

The proof of good consistent training is in the results. SWDA members have earned more than 70 "V" scores (V =excellent) in at least 1 or more phases of a trial. We have had 13 of our members and dogs become members of the USCA Schutzhund 3 Club. Some of our members have earned some or all of the USCA Sports medals - Bronze - Silver - Gold and Master Sports Medals.

Each year from 2002 to 2014 we qualified at least 2 dogs to enter a national championship. We have had entries in nearly every regional, national, north american or wdc since 2002.  SWDA is proud to have had members entered in every SW Regional Championship from 2002 to 2013, 2016, 2017 with as many as 4 teams in a single event.

SWDA members have won the 2002 Universal Sieger, Southwest Regional Championship 3 times, have placed in the top 5 at the SW regional Championship more than 7 times. had a member win the Schutzhund "Les femmes" hosted by AWDA. Have had a member place high obedience in the world championships. We have had many members place high in trial (1st place) at most of the SW region club trials over the past 15 years.

Working Dog Sort is a long training process and for many enthusiasts it becomes a lifestyle. To succeed it is important to enjoy training, spending time with your dog and the club members. This is why we require a period of time to get acquainted with the club for new members before obtaining membership. Good dogs unfortunately have a short competition life but clubs survive because of good members and friends working to a common goal.