Upcoming Trials and Events:

Feb 8-9 USCA Trial withJudge Zoltan Nagy, USCA
times to be announced

SWDA will be scheduling another USCA Trial before the end of 2018. Please keep an eye on the USCA website events page or check back here for date and times.


Past Trials and Events:

May 11-12/2018

USCA Trial with Judge Paul Schneider, USCA


Al with "Brody" IPO 3 88 / 83 /M =M Terminated

Molly with "Jager" IPO 3 88-83-80 = 251G "a"

Marie with "Jester" IPO 3 91-51-88 =% "a"

Rachelle with "Hero" IPO2 94-80-80=254 "a"

Jenny with "Luna" IPO1 91-61-77=% "a"

Al with "Bishop" IPO1 96-82-86 = 264 "a"

Uwe with "Bella" IPO1 82-70-78 = 230 "a"

Birgit with "Leah' IPO1 6-55-% = % "a"

Nicole with "Jax" BH Pass

Esther with "Obie" BH Pass

Jack with "Ace" BH Pass

Michael with "Axel" BH Pass

Our thanks to Judge Schnieder for his time and fair judging. Everyone earned every point and pass or fail all did their best and showed the dogs in a fair and sportsmanlike way.

July 1,2017 USCA IPO Trial with Judge Zoltan Nagy, USCA


Bella vom Bloomfield & Uwe Doose - Pass

Benet vom Bloomfield & Cynthia Shea - Pass


Bugsy von Avetissian & Jack Avetissian - 54 M


Leah vom haus Doose & Birgit Nielsen - 5-85-92a = % M


Maddock v.h. Groot Wezenland & nathaniel Roque - 95-80-88a = 263 G


Havek des Contes D' Hoffmann & Jose Lopez - 60-83-73a = % M


Jager miester Wellerhaus & Molly Hessler - DQ "out of control" (98 track ,88 OB, V and SG work to the back transport and then broke and was DQ)

Aimen Daker Poland & Al Banelos - 16-85-80a = % M

I was another hot summer trial . Tracking was challenging, furrowed rough plow very dry /dusty condiditons. OB and prot were in 80-90 degree weather and may have contributed to the dogs performances. 

Many thank to our judge Zoltan Nagy ,USCA for his fair and consistant evaluations and helpfull positive critiques. This was his 20th trial as a USCA Judge and completes his probationary period, I hope he will accept another invitation to judge for us in the future.

Many thanks to all of the SWDA members that always pull together to make our events run smoothly and fun! Thoses thast were not entered were working all trial with  hosting, tracks, helperwork, group etc. We have a great group of members , thanks to all!

To all of the competitors , thank you for supporting our trial and for showing great sportsmanship in handling your dogs.

Jan 7/2017 USCA IPO Trial with Ann marie Chaffin, USCA/SV Judge

total of 8 entries


Bishop Gratsiano Daker & Al Banuelos - Passed

Rico hansel von Gieske & Uwe Doose - Passed

Leah vom haus Doose & Birgit Nielsen - Passed


Bugsy vom Avetissian & Jack Avetiasyan - 80 G


Etta vom Campus & Jenny Vargas - 264 G

Maddock v.d. Groot Wezeland & nathaniel Roque - 272 SG


Aimen Daker Poland & Al Banuelos - 259 G "a"


Jager miester vom Wellerhaus & Molly Hessler - 251 G "a"

Thanks again to all of the members of SWDA for hosting a great , well organized trial. And special thanks to our Judge Ann Marie Chaffin USCA/SV for her time, knowledge and excellent evaluations and to jack for "excellent" rated trial helper work and congratiulations to jack for moving up in his helper classification to "Club" level.

April 23, 2016 USCA IPO Trial with USCA Judge Zoltan Nagy

total of 9 entries


Etta vom Campus & jenny Vargus - Passed

Maddock v.h. Groot Wezenland & Nathaniel Roque- Passed

Yosmite vom Lundborgland & Joe Gillian - Not Passed

Rico Hansel von Gieske & Uwe Doose - Not Passed

Leah von Haus Doose & Birgit Nielsen - injured - pull


Aimen Daker Poland & Al Banuelos - 258 G "a" IPO1


Eso Vom Haus Tyson & Lionel Madden -249 G, "a" IPO 2


Jager Mieister von Weller Haus & Molly Hessler -275 SG "a" IPO 3 and qualify for nationals

TR 3

Mutz vom Gold-Berg & jack Avetissian - 85 G TR3

As always thank to all of our SWDA Members for hosting a great , smoothly run trial with a great lunch provided for all. Trial Secretary Ester did a great job , unfortunately she was injured or would have been entered for a IPO 1, Jeri , Roanna, Pam, Dean and our training frend John as well as many others helped make this another smooth well run event for all.

A big thank you to our USCA Judge Zoltan Nagy for his time and knowledge shared with us to judge our event, he did a great job!

2015 December 11,2015 USCA Authorized IPO Trial with USCA / SV judge Ann Marie Chaffin

Total of 9 entries


Jack Avetiassian & Bugsy GSD (HOT) - BH Passed

Al Banelos & Scoby Dobe - BH Passed

John Irato & Luke - GSD (HOT) - Passed

Edwardo Olaya & Keto GSD (HOT) - Passed


Esther Hamill & Quito GSD (HOT) - 91-84-88 - 263a


Lionel Madden & Eso GSD (HOT)- High in Trial, High IPO 1, 100-88-93=281 a

Jacob Sink & Enzi GSD (HOT) - 97-

Marie Weller & Jester GSD (HOT) - 97-60-91= % m  "a"


Molly Hestler & Jager GSD (HOT) - 96-

Thanks to our judge for doing a great job and to all of the competitors and spectators for supporting our event.

2014 June 14, 2014 SWDA hosted a small club trial with USCA/SV Judge Craig Groh

2013 April SWDA hosted a club trial with USCA/SV Judge Ann Marie Chaffin

2012 SWDA Hosted the SW Regional Championship

2011 SWDA Hosted 1 USCA Trial with USCA Judge Johannes Grewe

2010 SWDA Hosted 2 USCA Trials


SWDA hosted a USA Authorized Schutzhund Trial with USA Judge Warren Jones . As usual the trial was an almost full event with a total of 35 phases (out of 36 phases allowed per day) shown on Saturday.

Our entries were from SWDA, Golden State and several of our dog friends from Nevada. Entries  consisted of 2 BH, 2 TR1, 1 TR3, 1 OB1, 2 SchHA, 4 SchH1, 1 SchH 2 and 2 SchH3.

Congratulations to our SWDA Members that earned new titles at our 11/28/2009 USA Schutzhund Trial with USA Judge Warren Jones

Sarah Delude (Youth Handler) & "Cinder" BH
Jeri Kennedy & "Mona" TR 1
Jeri kennedy & "Henry"
Holly Howell & "Titus"
Jack Avetiassian & "Max" SchH 1 and "High in Trial SchH 1"
Jeff Hutchinson & "Kilo" SchH 1
Roanna Banducci & "Baron" SchH 1
Marie Weller & "Fiona"
Molly Hessler & "Felon" SchH 3 and "High Protection with 96v & High SchH 3"
Nathaniel Roque & "Jim" SchH 3"  and "High Obedience with 96v andHigh in Trial with 95-96-95=286v

Also thanks to our entries from outside of SWDA, our friends from Nevada, Janine & "Tucker" TR1 and OB1, Vicki & Justice and Moriah & "Wyatt" ,Congratulations and thanks for supporting our trial

Special thanks to our Helpers Greg Leavitt and Lionel Madden, great strong and safe work. Thanks to Esther for being Trial Secretary and Eric for the great BBQ and to all of our SWDA Members that were there to help and support the trial!



SWDA hosted a USA authorized Helper Seminar and Evaluation on Sat July 11, 2009. The event was well attended with 14 Helpers participating and more than 40 spectators !

Congratulations to all of the Helpers on their performances, especially to our new SWDA members in their first Helper Seminar, Tim, Jeff, Jack and Ernie and our Youth Members and now new Helper Trainees Brandon and Ethan. Thanks to our club members Jeri, Paula, Esther, Sarah for providing dogs and to all of the members for supporting and working the event !

2009 Regional Championship

SWDA thanks all of the Members of the SW Region for their support.

Congratulations to our SWDA Members on their performances at the 2009 Southwest Regional Championship !

Michelle and "Draco" 2nd Place SchH 3 !
Molly and "Felon" 2nd Place SchH 1!
Southwest Working Dog Association was 2nd place in the Regional Team Championship!


Congratulations to Chris and "Mauno" earning their SchH 1 with 97-96-90=283sg at the North County ScHH Club Trial 3/8/09!

Congratulations to Greg for working his first SchH Trial as a "USA Classified Helper" at Golden State SchH Club under USA Judge Johannes Grewe. Great job Greg !



May, 2008

SWDA hosted a USA Schutzhund trial on May 10, 2008 judged by Craig Groh, USA.

Tracking was tough, probably due to the dry conditions and the tractor that came out to plow the fields as we started the tracks, plowing over one of the SchH 3 tracks. Michelle and Draco prevailed for a 90sg score on their SchH 3 track with Molly and Felon completing their TR2 track with 70b.

At the club for OB Jeri and Mona earned their BH and Jeri and Henry with husband Phil helping in the traffic portion also passed the BH. Our new visitor Jack and Max also earned the BH. Louie and Cash earned their SchH A and Michelle and Draco earned their SchH 3. 

Chris worked his third trial as a helper and did a good and safe job. As always thanks to all of the club members for your help and support for the club and its events.

Thanks again  to our judge Craig Groh for doing a great job judging our trial.



Jan, 2008

SWDA  hosted a schutzhund trial on Friday evening Jan. 25 and Sat Jan. 26, 2008 with USA Judge Ann Marie Chaffin.

Another excellent trial with great success for our competitors!

Thanks to all for supporting our trial. Judge Ann Marie Chaffin did her usual outstanding jog. Thanks to all of our SWDA Members for the help with the trial, from great food (our usual Tri Tip Lunch), group, tracklayers and helpers, you all did an outstanding job.

We were lucky with the weather and did not have any rain.

Competitors congratulations!!
Molly and Felon BH, Louie and Cash BH
Molly and Felon TR1 (98v)
Joelynne and Endy OB2 (Youth handler)
Roanna and Baron SchH 1, Michael and Saber SchH1 (High SchH1 266g), Molly and Asher SchH1
Michele and Draco SchH 2(high OB 94sg, high Prot 94sg, high SchH 2 266sg)
Paula and Angel SchH 3(high SchH 3), Nathaniel and Jim SchH3(high in trial 280sg)
Roanna and Aaron FH

Notable scores were
tracking  Fhoenix 96v, Saber 96v, Felon 98v, Jim 97v
OB Draco 94sg and Jim 92sg, 
Prot Draco 94sg and Jim 91sg.


Congratulations to Southwest Working Dog Association Members at the Golden State Schutzhund Club Trial 9/27/09 !

Molly and "Felon" earning their SchH 2, 94 -90 - 94 = 278 SG High in Trial , High HOT, High SchH 2
Holly and "Titus" 94 protection in SchH A
Marie and "Fiona" SchH 1
Lionel madden from GSSC and Greg Leavitt performed Helper Work for the trial

Thanks to all club members that attended and supported our members!

Thanks to Golden State Schutzhund Club for hosting a successful trial !